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  1. iPhone Life: "While I eat breakfast, I read the news on my iPhone using the iNews app. It provides news from a variety of sources and viewpoints. With this one app, I receive news feeds from USA Today, CNN, Fox News, and BBC News; articles from Scientific American and Macworld; and feeds from blogs such as MacRumors, Seth’s Blog, and others."

  1. Crazy Mike’s App: "Best News Reader App for the iPhone Yet!"

  1. WOiP: "iNews - Now The RSS Reader To Beat"

  1. Palm-Mac: "iNews RSS App........soooooperb"

  1. penkapp: "iNews App Kills the Desktop Feed Reader"

  1. GearDiary: "Stay Connected With iNews For iPhone"

  1. JAMM: "Overall, I was really impressed by this app. The tiled approach to displaying news feeds was a unique and effective means of providing quick access to your feeds."

  1. Blog Herald: "The bug free gReader iPhone App"

  1. iSmashPhone: “iNews is an incredible RSS feed aggregator with a stylish look”

  1. Mr. Tweet: “Its the best iPhone News App I've found for the Iphone. I use it every day to see whats going on in the world.”

iNews is a peaceful news (RSS) reader. It is designed for busy people with so little time and so many news to read. Staying informed on the go without having obligation to read everything.

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